Mint Thins Vegan Protein Shake Recipe –

Mint Thins Vegan Protein Shake Recipe

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Girl Scout cookies are everywhere and everyone craves the Mint Thins! But have you seen the nutrition label?! Yikes!

Listen, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the occassional treat, but when there’s a healthy alternative out there that’s equally as delicious without the 25% saturated fat and 10g of sugar per 4 cookie serving, you know we’ve got to tell you about it!

This mint thins flavored protein shake is the perfect blend of chocolate and mint and a nourishing sweet treat with the added benefit of protein! This vegan protein shake recipe hits all of those thin mint cravings without any of the guilt and without any gluten or soy.

On a quick sidenote, did you know the importance of getting enough protein in your daily diet? It helps maintain energy levels, build muscle, help with weight management, and so much more. If you want to learn more, read the article below!

Do You Have Enough Protein In Your Diet? Here’s Why It’s So Important


Mint Thins Vegan Protein Shake Recipe

Next time you’re having a cookie craving, or if you want to mix up your normal protein shake routine, try this fun recipe. It’s quick, easy, and delicious.


Makes 1 Shake | Difficulty: Easy
protein shake

Note: You really want to make sure you’re using food-grade essential oil here. Food-grade essential oils ensure they’re safe for you to ingest.


Measure out your ingredients, aside from the ice, into a high-powered blender. Blend everything together until smooth, and add small portions of ice until you reach a consistency that looks good to you.
Pro Tip! Put your banana and avocado in a mason jar, and freeze them overnight. This means you don’t need ice in your shake, and you’ll get a nice milkshake-like consistency! Dessert for breakfast . . . yummmm.

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