Neatsfoot Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report June 5, 2023 –

Neatsfoot Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report June 5, 2023

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June 05, 2023

Neatsfoot Edition

On Starting Strength

  • Q&A Episode – Bigger Traps, Knee Cave, and Press Bar Path – Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.
  • Captain Kyle Sets a Course to Avoid Back Surgery – As a riverboat captain, Captain Kyle Pfenning faced persistent issues with his back. Determined to find a solution and regain control of his life, Captain Kyle turned to Starting Strength Oklahoma City.
  • Getting to Division 1 Basketball Using Starting Strength – John Guerra, former North Carolina Central University guard, talks about his experience using Starting Strength to enter Division 1 athletics during the 2019 Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference in Wichita Falls.
  • Bodyparts, Or Movement Patterns? by Mark Rippetoe – When I started lifting weights back in 1977, our only references were the bodybuilding magazines. There were a few books, but…
  • Let’s Do More Hypertrophy? by Carl Raghavan – When a client asks me if we can focus more on hypertrophy, I think to myself, “But we were already doing that.”
  • Weekend Archives: George Ernie Pickett by Bill Starr – When I moved to York, from Marion, Indiana, in February of 1966 to become the assistant editor of Strength & Health magazine, there were only a few lifters who lived in town…
  • Weekend Archives: Squat Mechanics: A Clarification by Mark Rippetoe – Every seminar we hold is attended by people who have read the book, who have been training with the material for various lengths of time, and who are interested…

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Best of the Week

Growth Spurt Advice


I’ve been on this forum and part of this community for close to 15 years now and I’d like to point out that you’ve been right about pretty much everything discussed on these forums.

I know you are not a Dr. but since you know more than most of these lazy quacks, I wanted to get your opinion on a question I have.

My son just turned 13 and he is extremely undersized. He’s in the 9th percentile in height. His weight is fine as he is in the 50% percentile for his age despite being short statured. There is no family history of short stature. Our assumption is that he will be a late bloomer as he still has the majority of his baby teeth and he’s probably at Tanner zero.

Recently he’s been asking me if he can start training in the garage with me and I have been hesitant for two reasons. 1) Your books note he should be at Tanner 5 before he can start taking advantage of SRA and 2) I didn’t want to risk damaging any growth plates and further stunting his growth.

I understand the growth plate issue may be a bunch of BS but since he’s not at Tanner 5 I figured there was no point in risking anything.

I read one of the Bill Starr articles on this site and he mentioned that he was a late bloomer and he started training hoping it would trigger a growth spurt. He didn’t go into any further detail and in turn this leads me to my question.

Do you think if my son starts training there is a possibility that the training could help trigger a growth spurt?

Make note, the majority of us got into training because we wanted to be bigger, not because we wanted to be champion lifters or anything like that… My son is no different.

I appreciate any advice and thanks again for all your books and content on this forum. I’ve followed your programs/advice for close to 15 years and I am a strong old man.

Mark Rippetoe

Is he a cryptorchid? Schedule an endocrinology consult with an actual pediatric endocrinologist and get his hormonal status evaluated. Training won’t trigger a growth spurt if something is wrong.

Best of the Forum



Your previous podcasts with Fred Ashmore made it clear you have owned and driven plenty of cars over the years, developing an appreciation for them as more than just a method of transport. Do you also hold this appreciation for motorcycles as well? You have mentioned previously that up until fairly recently you had ridden motorcycles for most of your life.

If so, what were some of the bikes you have owned in the past? You mentioned again in the podcast that you have owned several Japanese and European cars, has this also been the case with bikes? Finally, do you have any recommendations for good roads/trips to do on a motorcycle in one’s lifetime?

Mark Rippetoe

I have owned 3 motorcycles, a 1979 Sportster, a shop built custom 80″ shovelhead, and a Valkyrie. All were ridden on long road trips in the western United States.

My advice for the best way to do a 2-week road trip is to decide approximately where you want to end up, pack your shit on the bike, and head that direction. Make all other decisions about how to get there, where to eat, what to see, and where to stay while you’re on the road. And take paper maps with you. They work a lot better.

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